Happy Rose Day Quotes for Valentines Week and Status for Whatsapp and Facebook and Unique Tips to Make Your Love Feel Special…

Download Happy Rose Day Quotes- Valentine Week comes with a lot of excitement and is a fever for all age groups… All lovers wait for this week for a year… Rose day is the 1st day of Valentines Week it is celebrated on 7th February 2018…

So we are here with Beautiful Rose Day Quotes 2018 you can share your love on this day and make them feel special and fall for you…..

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Happy Rose Day Quotes 2018

Happy Rose Day 2018

Want to know how can you make your love feel special??????

On this auspicious day, you can gift with rose not only your partner but also your friends and family and make them feel special and feel loved…..

There is the different colour of  Roses available in the market and all have different meaning associated with it the meanings of each rose are mentioned in this article to guide you to express your true feelings to them …

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Happy Rose Day 2018

Happy Rose Day baby

In Valentines Week there are different Days having different importance one such day is Propose Day so find all valentines week quotes and  Quotes to Propose your love with Propose Day Quotes and make your own personalized cards with Propose Day HD Images for boyfriend and girlfriend

Meaning of every colour of rose for Rose Day baby, Love, Darling…

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Sr. no






valentine week quotes red rose

valentine week quotes red rose


Sincerity, Love and Respect



valentine week quotes pink rose

valentine week quotes pink rose



Grace and Gentility



valentine week quotes yellow rose

valentine week quotes yellow rose


Friendship and Joy



valentine week quotes white rose

valentine week quotes white rose



Spirituality, Love and Purity


valentine week quotes lavender rose

valentine week quotes lavender rose



Love at First Sight



valentine week quotes orange rose

valentine week quotes orange rose




Passionate, Desire, Fascination


valentine week quotes green rose

valentine week quotes green rose



Abundant Growth and Cheerfulness

Description of each colour Rose Day Quotes


RED stands for Sincerity, Love and Respect…

It shows that your deeply in love with that someone special and you feel that you cant live without them then give a  gift to them a Red Rose as it shows I Love You.


Pink stands for Grace and Gentility…

It shows that you feel good with that person or a friend of yours so give him/her with a Pink Rose which symbolizes that I Like You.


Yellow stands for Friendship and Joy…

It means you are damn special and their best friend… So Gift your Best Friend a Yellow Rose…


White stands for Spirituality, Love and Purity…

It means you want to give a start to a new phase of life with them then gift them with a White Rose and show your innocence…


Lavender stands for Love at First Sight…

It means that person your in love with that person since the moment you have seen them so gift them with a Lavender Rose and express your feeling…


Orange stands for Passionate, Desire, Fascination…

So express the positive energy in your relation with Orange Rose…


Green stands for Abundant Growth and Cheerfulness…

Give a start to your new life with the freshness of Nature which is signified with Green Rose…


valentine week quotes

valentine week quotes

If you are madly in love with that person, gift that someone special with a Bunch of 12 Roses

And express your love to them…

And also make your own personalized greetings by sharing Rose Day Quotes and images download and share and surprise them with your efforts you can also buy the gift from online website and make them feel special and on the 7th cloud…

Distinct Rose Day Quotes 2018 for Happy Rose Day Quotes

Valentine Week Quotes for Rose Day Quotes are given here and also find quotes for valentines day on Valentines Day Quotes and  images for the same on Valentines Day Images

A single rose can be my garden… but being a rose you are my world.

Happy Rose Day baby…!


When somebody whispered your name I turned around to see but  I was alone then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you, darling.
Happy Rose Day baby…!


 Day time I can keep myself busy But at night, I really miss you.
Happy Rose Day baby…!


 If you love the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears.
Happy Rose Day baby..!


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Actual meaning of giving rose to someone:-

R= Remarkable

O=One to


E=Entire Life with.

Happy Rose Day baby…!

Cute Rose Day Quotes 2018 for Valentines Week


None of the flower other then “Rose” expresses love quietly, in a style known only to the heart.

A rose for my darling… Happy Rose Day baby…!


My love for you can be compared to a rose which is divided into two parts:

The Leaves I give to others

But The Rose is just for ‘YOU’.

Happy Rose Day baby…!


Hope your finding Rose Day Quotes interesting similar to Rose Day Quotes here are chocolate Day quotes to Make your love as sweet as a Chocolate and also find images for the same on chocolate day images


This is a rose for my baby for making my life complete by your presences…

Happy Rose Day baby…!


The 1st man to match the cheeks of a woman to a rose was a poet

And the 1st to repeat it is possibly an idiot.

Happy Rose Day baby…!


My eyes are visionless without your eyes.

As compared to a rose without colour.

Love you forever.

Happy Rose Day baby…!


So,  Impress your partner by wishing Happy Rose Day Baby with Happy Rose Day Quotes 2018 and if any suggestion please give your valuable feedback…



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