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Teddy Day Quotes 2018: Teddy Day 2018 is the 4th day of the Valentines Week which is celebrated on 10th February every year…

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Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day

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Happy Teddy Day for my love

Teddy  for my love

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How to celebrate Teddy Day???

On this day people gift Teddy Bear to their friends,  daughter, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband,  wife and partner…

Teddy Bear is easily available in the market with a variety of colours, size and one of the best options to express their love to their loved ones. A symbol of gifting a teddy bear to a person is to make the person feel special and you can see happiness their cute smile…

Because a teddy bear is known to be a symbol of soft heart like teddies body. Hope you enjoy Happy Teddy Day and Teddy Day Images for Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Wife

There are different colours of teddies available in the market so we are here with the meaning of different colours so make your choice of teddy wisely…

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Happy Teddy Day 2018

Happy Teddy Day 2018

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Different colours of teddy :

There are different colour teddy bear available in the market but we should select the colour of our feelings wisely…

To guide you with which colour teddy you should gift we have come up with a cool idea i.e the table below which indicated the teddy bear its colour and significance you would surely find this table important to express your love and bring blossoms in your love life…

So according to the description choose wisely which teddy you should gift your partner and show them your love for them or if anyone has gifted you any teddy find out the colour and see what they meant to say to you…

The significance of colours of teddy :

Sr no Teddy Color Meaning


(blue_teddy) Teddy Day Images for Husband

Blue It means the person is madly in love with you and they are too lucky to find you as their love and they trust you without any conditions…


(green_teddy)Teddy Day Images for Husband and Wife

Green It means has a lot of emotions and they can wait for your love anytime


(red_teddy)Teddy Day Images for Husband and Boyfriend

Red It means love is in the air and it is everywhere.


(black_teddy)Teddy Day Images for Husband and BF

Black  It means rejection of the proposal …

(white_teddy)Teddy Images for Boyfriend

White It means the person is already booked for someone so better luck next time…


(orange_teddy)Teddy Images Girlfriend

Orange It means the person will soon propose you…


(pink_teddy)Teddy Images Wife

Pink It means compassion, affection, nurturing, love and your lover has accepted your proposal


(purple_teddy)Teddy Images for Girlfriend and Wife

Purple It means better luck next time as the person is not interested in you and it’s time to move on.


(yellow_teddy) Teddy Images for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Yellow It means the lover want to break up with you.


(brown_teddy)Teddy Images for GF and BF

Brown It means the People who are with the broken heart  & also indicates protection and responsibility

Adorable Teddy Bears

I hope you have found your answer to which colour you want to gift or which colour someone has gifted you…

And please don’t get hurt if you have got a negative response its someone better then them waiting to add colours of love in your life be patient you deserve the best…

So be positive and wait and watch the Best is yet to Arrive…..!

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Happy Teddy Day for u

Happy Teddy Day for u

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Cute Quotes with Teddy Day Images for Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Wife

A teddy just symbolizes my commitment to always be there with you whatever be the situation I’ll always be by your side…

Happy Teddy Day…!


I am gifting you this teddy just to say that I love you thanks for being with me always…

Happy Teddy Day…!


Life is a ride, and love is what makes that ride valuable.

Happy Teddy Day…!


Here is a cute gift for my cute sweet darling…

Happy Teddy day…!


An adorable teddy bear, to my adorable friend, on an adorable occasion, to say.

Happy Teddy Day…!


 Love can’t be described with words, It’s just a feeling to be felt through the way we care…

Wish you a happy teddy day, Hope there are more such days that we share.


Words are not enough to express my love but yes here is a sweet gesture of gifting this teddy hope you understand it someday…

Happy Teddy Day…!

Finally, I would love to conclude this article by wishing you a Happy Teddy Day 2018…

I wish you all the happiness and have a great day and as the mentioned significance of teddy hope you find the deserving one for you and if you have any suggestion please drop down your comment below…




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