Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018 with Schedule of Valentines Week and Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Valentine’s Day a day of love is a special day for every lover. So to express your love we have a wide range of Quotes which you can share with your love in Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018…

Valentines Day is on the way and you all must be excited about it, am I right???

Valentines Day trending

Valentines Day trending

So, if you are in love this week is very special for you as each day would create new hopes and add a spark to your love life to make it blossom so here we are with the detailed information about the valentine week timetable and also why and how it should be celebrated…

Hence I’m sure at the end of this article you will be aware of every detail of the valentines week…


Valentine Day Images Free

Valentine Day Images Free


So, are you ready to go on a journey of love…..?????

Valentines Day History

A valentines day is a day of love is celebrated as a tribute to St. Valentine who was a Catholic Priest around 3rd century…

It is also known as Saint’s Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine.

There are many stories that were emerged throughout our whole life…

During the 3rd century, many of the Roman citizens were converting their religion to Christianity and also, there was an Emperor Claudius II who was very strict with his rules with his rules and regulation… The Emperor had an opinion that all the Roman Soldiers should be completely Devoted to Rome for which he passed a regulation to stop the soldiers from marrying …

St. Valentine thought that this order of the Emperor intolerant so, he started to help the soldiers and arranging their marriages in the Christian ceremonies secretly as believed in love and its importance and had a clear view that he has to make these soldiers get their love …

Valentine day pictures images photos

Valentine day pictures images photos

Truth can never be hidden

But as said by someone Truth can never be hidden it will surely hit you back and that’s what occurred although  St. Valentine celebrated secret marriage was a good deed but it was against the rules of the Emperor and so St. Valentine was behind the bars…

Although St Valentine was put behind the bars there too he took care of the other prisoners accompanying him and also the jailor’s blind daughter… It is also said that St Valentine had healed her blindness before he was put to death after that…

So it is the traditional day for the European Citizen so it is the holiday for them in the honour of the Roman Priest as he was martyred and buried on the via Flaminia…

Therefore, Valentines Day is a tribute to him which is celebrated every year on the 14th February…

As St. Valentine was killed as he wanted to spread the love so this day is the celebration of love…

Valentine day images free

Valentine day images free

How can we celebrate Valentines Day????

Valentines Day is a festival of different countries with their own culture and tradition …

So as mentioned above it is the day of love when one can express his feelings and share and spread love not only with couples but also with friends and family members …

On Valentines Day you can make a marriage proposal to the one you want to spend your life with it would make their day a special one with your this surprise…

So fall in love and make your love for you with the magic of love making your day a memorable one and you can also gift your partner with ultimate gift, flowers, champagne and also chocolate or any valentine special gift hamper and spoil your darling with your love, care and affection and make them fall for you even more

On this day we can exchange gifts on this day this is not only for lovers it can be anyone your sister, mother, father, daughter or son as a show of love. So make your loves day romantic by using Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018…


Happy Valentine Day 2018

Happy Valentine Day 2018

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Valentines Week :

The valentines day is a day when you can express your love or feelings for the other by gifting them and sharing heart touching quotes … For this Valentines ask your Valentine by sharing the Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018.

Time Table for this Valentines Week is given below please find the table given below and have fun this valentines week with our quotes, messages and images…

Sr no Day Date Images
1 Rose Day 7th Feb 2018  




2 Propose Day 8th Feb 2018  




3 Chocolate Day 9th Feb 2018  




4 Teddy Day 10th Feb 2018  




5 Promise Day 11th Feb 2018  




6 Hug Day 12th Feb 2018  




7 Kiss Day 13th Feb 2018  




8 Valentines Day 14th Feb 2018  





    Rose Day is the 1st day of Valentines Week it is filled with eagerness, excitement and love by the young generation who want to propose their lady and old couples usually plan for surprise dates…


Bloom your LOVE with  Rose Day Quotes and Rose Day Images 2018 so blossom your love life with rose day surprise by buying the bouquet of Roses according to your feelings find the colour which signifies your feeling and gift them accordingly…

Propose Day is the 2nd day of the Valentines Week it is a day when you can propose the one you love and pamper them to make them feel good…

Interesting way to propose is to give your partner a greeting to say your feelings which you feel embarrassed while you say face to face…

And find the best quotes and ideas to impress your love on this Propose Day 2018 with  Propose Day Quotes free to download and also make the personalized love messages with Propose Day HD Images and GIF

Chocolate Day is the 3rd day of the Valentines Week when you can exchange chocolates with one another…

Chocolates the name itself brings water in our mouth… Chocolate is the best solution to all problems and chocolates cures all the tension sorrows and depression not only that if anyone is angry on you u can gift a chocolate to them and their anger will surely vanish so find the best Chocolate Day quotes to impress them and by using these quotes they will surely forget all your anger and if not angry they will be happy with you also find some Tempting chocolate day images of HD quality which u can share and make your partner fall in love with you… You can purchase chocolates with online sites and surprise your loved ones…

Teddy Day is the 4th day of the Valentines Week this day you gift your loved ones with the teddy bear…

Here are few Adorable Teddy Day quotes which you can share with your loved ones and impress them by writing these quotes with Teddy’s and also you can share the images and gif from Teddy Day Images and make your love long lasting as your partner will love your gift as it stands for No Complaints No Demands…

Promise Day is the 5th day of the Valentines Week it is a day when couples can make commitments of life with each other…

The day of commitment your promise adds a commitment to your relationship which increases the trust for one another to find the best Promise Day quotes and Happy Promise Day Images which you can share with your loved ones and give them an assurance to stand by their side always…

Hug Day is the 6th day of the Valentines Week it is a day when couples can show your love by this sweet gesture of hugging each other…

A hug is the cutest gesture to express your love so this hug day find the best hug day quotes and express your views with the words and make your lover surprised and pleased with your this behaviour and also share the GIF and HD Images for Hug Day 2018…

Kiss Day is the 7th day of the Valentines Week it is a day when couples can kiss your partner to show your love for them

Kiss reduces your calories and also your loneliness so make your Kiss Day special with the Kiss Day Quotes Free Download and also GIF and HD Images for Kiss Day for this Valentines Week…

Valentine’s Day is the last day of the Valentines Week it is a day when couples exchanges gift, hugs and kisses and also the day when they pamper their loved ones and plan for surprises on this day…

Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018

Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2018

Ask your PARTNER Will you be my Valentine?????

By sharing the quotes from Happy Valentines Day 2018 and Images from Happy Valentines Day 2018 GIF, HD Images, Wallpapers for GF/BF/HUSBAND/WIFE


Excellent Valentines Day Quotes for Girlfriend & Wife


I am a successful man because I love an incredible woman who always believes in me. You bring out my best, and your love completes me. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love the way you make me feel like a man.  You allow me to love you and I am so thankful for that.  Happy Heart’s Day darling!


I will never get tired of loving you.  I admire the way you make me fall in love with you more each day.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love doesn’t ask who r u…?

It only  says U r mine

And doesn’t ask where do u live?

But it says U live in my heart

It wont ask do u love me?

Love only says “I LOVE U”!!

**Happy Valentine’s Day my Love**


Hi, dear

I love u so much.

And I can’t live without u.

Also, I need u in my life.

Every day I want to see into your eyes.

Hold ur hands n walk with u.

Every night I want to sleep on your chest.

I Wanna make love with u.

And I Wanna b a good mother to our kids.

Also, Wanna b a good wife to u.

I want ur love forever.

Then one day I will die on ur lap.

But my love will never die for u.


Emotional Valentines Day Quotes for Boyfriend & Husband

Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

This is a message is to let you know that you are thought of always.

May God give you everything you wish for.


Kuch beete pal ki yadden sajaye rakhana

Kuch aanewale pal se arzu lagaye rakhana

Ye pal to yuhi aate jate rahenge

Bas hotonpe apni muskurahat banaya rakhana.


I don’t know what I ever did to deserve your love, but I’m so thankful for it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


My Lovable Jaanu,

There are 3 steps to happiness:

  1. You.
  2. Me.
  3. Our hearts
  4. Eternity!

I will love you until my heart stops beating.

Love u lots…


Hi my Sweet Heart,

I Miss U Very Much!

And also need you in my life because I LOVE YOU.

So, I just want to say that I LOVE YOU forever.



So, finally I would love to conclude this article by wishing you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY with Valentines Day Quotes 2018…

I hope you find Valentines Day Quotes intreting and you get success in your love life…

Like Valentines Day Quotes also try our diffrent article on each day and have a great valentine week…

Therefore start expressing your love with the Quotes, Images and SMS by using Happy Valentines Week Quotes, Images and Messages 2018 and add a spark to your love life by sharing it with your loved ones..

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